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Quoted in ZDNet article on the future of Brain-Computer-Interfaces

Dec 18, 2019

Commenting on potential data risks related to workplace adoption of BCIs

I School Team Reimagines “Privacy by Design,” and Wins Best Paper Award

Dec 6, 2018

Our CSCW paper on speculative design workbooks and privacy by design is featured in this article.

Students in rapid prototyping course demo inventions at Sciencenter

May 20, 2014

Our music printer rapid prototyping project, Imprimador, is featured as part of this video

Exceptional Journeys

May 18, 2014

Featured Arts & Sciences graduates from the Cornell Class of 2014

2013 Arts & Sciences Student Award Winners

May 21, 2013

The Tallman Prize in Honor of Prof. William Provine was presented to Richmond Wong for the research paper “The Los Angeles River: A Hybrid Hydro-Landscape.”